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Saturday, 5 October 2019

Global Capitalism, Global War, Global Crisis: first reviews available online.

In May 2018, Adam D. Morton’s and my co-authored research monograph Global Capitalism, Global War, Global Crisis was published with Cambridge University Press (see New Research Monograph Published). Since then a number of reviews have been published, all freely available on the internet. This blog post brings them together.

Global Capitalism. Global War. Global Crisis. This book analyses how these conditions can be understood in terms of their internal relationship so as to capture capital’s connection to the states-system of uneven and combined development, social reproduction, and the contradictions facing humanity within world-ecology.

The following reviews are available online:

Gorkem Altinors (2019) Capital & Class, Vol.43/3: 493-95; available at A longer version of this review is freely accessible at Progress in Political Economy.

Diego Araujo Azzi (2019) Global Labour Journal, Vol.10/2: 173-6; available at

Frank Stilwell (2019) Journal of Australian Political Economy, No.81: 221; available at

William K. Carroll (2018) E-International Relations; available at

Paul Cammack (2018) What’s Worth Reading; available at

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5 October 2019

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